Mill Road Mini Storage
 2120 West Mill Road Evansville, Indiana

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Packing Tips

While we do our best to keep Mill Road Storage clean it is impossible to keep out all dust and dirt. All items in a storage unit should be boxed with closed lids to minimize the impact from dust.
When boxing up items try to fill each box. Half empty boxes can shift in transportation and they are riskier to stack and pack with confidence. A full box handles better than a half empty box. Also consider adding a layer of protection to the top of your box under the lid such a heavy brown paper.


Label your boxes. After moving in all the boxes will begin to look alike and labeling the contents will be a great help to you when trying to retrieve certain items. Using marker pens to label boxes is effective since stick on label can fall off over time. 

If you want to use stick on labels be sure they are secure and will not fall off. Consider securing them with additional clear tape for example. 

Watch the weight in your boxes. It can be easy to over pack a box with heavy items so be aware of box weight while you are packing. When in doubt simply lift the box while packing to ensure it is not too heavy. Overloaded boxes can be dangerous to lift and move in addition to being unstable. 

Don't let a screw loose! Keep those tiny screws and bolts together with the furniture they support. These items are very easy to lose and should be packaged carefully and taped or otherwise attached securely to your item. 

If you have fragile items take time to carefully protect them with good wrapping. Many people overlook the need to protect items especially on a short move. Moving across the street or across the nation can both result in broken items. It only take one jolt to break your precious cargo so be sure to pack with protection in mind. 
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