Mill Road Mini Storage
 2120 West Mill Road Evansville, Indiana

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What Can I store

We allow you to store just about any items needed at Mill Road Mini Storage. Interior storage is designed for household items and those items should be properly packed to avoid deterioration. Outside storage is available for self contained items that do not require protection from the elements. 


If you plan to store any combustible items please discuss this with us prior to bringing that to your unit. We must approve these type of items prior to move in. Items such as gasoline, propane, kerosene and various oils are all prohibited. In addition, fireworks or other explosives are not allowed. 

Our rates are affordable and the facility is nice and clean however you are not allowed to live in your storage unit. 

We do reserve the right to periodically check on the content of your unit to insure we are complying with all local laws and regulations regarding Mini Storage units in Evansville. Do not bring anything onsite that violates local or state laws. 
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